Zenith Daily Active Multiple One a Day Multivitamin Review


This video will give you information about Zenith Nutrition Daily Active Multiple One a Day Multivitamin, Multimineral Supplement with Anti Oxidant that help you to live a healthy lifestyle by providing all essential vitamin, minerals and anti oxidants in optimal quantities.


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Zenith Nutrition Daily Active Multiple One A Day - 60 Veg capsules

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Zenith Nutrition Daily Active Multiple One A Day VegiCapsules are enriched with Acai berry, Grape seed extract, Lycopene, Piperine and Astaxanthin. Contains 25 vital nutrients, vitamin s and minerals. Achieve a multitude of healthy benefits in one convenient daily multivitamin supplement.


Daily Active Multiple (DAM) delivers optimal daily value of 25 vitamins and minerals, including the important natural ingredients with potent anti-oxidant benefits like Acai berry, Grape seed extract, Lycopene, Piperine and Astaxanthin to promote energy utilization and normal red blood cell production in the body.Just one capsule a day gives the support when it comes to stamina, vitality, cardiovascular and nervous system health.


Eating right by making healthy food choices is always best, yet it is not always practical for everyone. In the busy lives that do not leave time for proper meal planning and preparation, which can help to insure that, your families are getting the daily nutrients to prevent disease.


Therefore, including a high quality multivitamin and mineral formula into your daily regimen, such as the Daily Active Multiple can help to meet your recommended daily intakes of these necessary nutrients. Daily Active Multiple works on supporting the whole body nutrition with multiple benefits. DAM has the right ingredients in optimal quantities and has been formulated by considering RDA.








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