Meal to gain weight and mass in 10 days

Meal to gain weight and mass in 10 days
Meal to gain weight and mass in 10 days

Most people think that weight gain is a very easy task but that's not right. There are lot of people who are struggling with gaining weight. For some people weight loss is an easy task but they can't gain weight easily. 

In this article we will give you information about a weight and mass gain meal which provides you lot of proteins and some other essential nutrients with which you can gain weight faster.

Ingredients of  Meal to gain weight and mass in 10 days

1. Black Chickpeas

Meal to gain weight and mass in 10 days

First ingredient is black chickpeas. You have to use sprouted black chickpeas or you can overnight soaked black chickpeas. 

Nutritional value of 1 cup black chickpeas: 1 cup black chickpeas contain 15g Protein, 45g Carbohydrates, 4g Fats and it also contains some fiber.  Its 1 cup has near about 13g of fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol levels and prevents constipation like problems. 

Black chickpeas also contains minerals like potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, and folate.

2. Potato

Meal to gain weight and mass in 10 days

You can increase calories in your diet by using potatoes and it also helps in gaining weight. Potatoes are complex carbohydrates and you have to use boiled potatoes. Potato contains fiber, potassium, vitamin c and vitamin b6 like essential nutrients.

3. Soya bean

Meal to gain weight and mass in 10 days

Soya Bean contain vitamin k, vitamin b6, folate, thiamine, vitamin c like vitamins and iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorous, zinc, selenium and calcium like minerals, Soya Bean is also a great source of protein which helps in gaining muscles. 

How to prepare Meal to gain weight and mass in 10 days?

  • You have to use 50 gram black chickpeas, 25 gram soya bean and 3 boiled potatoes.
  • Cook all these with 2 tb. sp. of olive oil and with little bit of salt and pepper.
  • For taste you can also add little bit of lemon juice and some slices of tomato.

You have to use this meal 2 times a day regularly for some days and the results will be seen within 10 days. Along with this take high the rest meals of the day with high protein and complex carbohydrates to get results fast.

So this was the recipe of the weight gain and mass building meal that helps you to gain weight in 10 days.

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