Jogging vs Running: Which is better?

Jogging vs Running: Which is better?
Jogging vs Running: Which is better?
Every person wants a fitness plan which easily gets adjusted into his/her busy schedule. But there are some person who have not performed workout from a long time and again want to start workout. And some want a workout routine which is not much time consuming. 

Well, Running is such exercise plan which easily gets incorporated into your busy lifestyle and it is not so time consuming.

Many people think that Jogging and Running are same but both of these has a lot of difference. Let's know about this:-

Running vs Jogging

Difference based on Speed:

Jogging is that running which is performed with less than 9.65 kph speed while running is performed with a faster speed of above 9.65 kph.

Difference Based on Energy Expenditure:

For Instance, if your body weight is 70 kg and you perform jogging at a speed of 7 kph for 30 minutes than you can burn approx. 206 calories and with the same body weight you can burn 566 calories, if you do running at the speed of 16 kph for 30 minutes. You can also use some calorie calculator to know more about calorie burn rate.

Difference Based on Muscle Load and Intensity:

Running and Jogging both are aerobic exercises which means both of these blood glucose along with oxygen to produce energy.

However, less lungs and muscles effort is required in jogging while running requires higher efforts of overall body fitness.

What to choose between Running and Jogging as per your Fitness Level?

First of all you want to understand what you want to become? How you want to look? Do you want to be an athlete? Or want to look only healthy?

When you decide what you want to become than you can easily choose between Running and Jogging.

  • If your only goal is to be healthy than doing early morning jogging is best for you and must consume proper diet throughout the day.

  • If you want to lose weight than you can do jogging but your much focus must be on diet.

  • If you want to build lean muscles without any fat than perform running but doing excessive running can lead to muscle loss. 

  • That's why it is best to perform short sprints in place of long running. Sprints can control your body fat and also protects your joints and gains from damage.

The Bottom Line

Jogging and Running both are equally important for an individual. Jogging keeps you healthy and running helps you to get sharp physique. You can do any one from these as per your fitness goals. If you like the post do share it with others, till than stay fit and stay healthy.

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