Beta - Alanine | Working, Uses, Dosage & Side effects in Hindi

Beta - Alanine | Working, Uses, Dosage & Side effects in Hindi

Guys Beta - alanine ek amino acid hai jo bahut popular hai aur bahut se log isey pre-workout ke taur pe use karte hain aur isey bahut bada performence booster mana jata hai.

Market main bahut se performnace boosting supplements hain jinhain next-revolutionary supplement kaha jata hai but beta-alanine ek exceptional supplement hai jis pe bahut si researches hui hain aur beta alanine popular supplement hai performance boost karne ke liye.

Beta Alanine Naturally Kaha Paya Jata hai

Beta-Alanine ek naturally occuring amino acid hai. Yeh food main independently nahi paya jata but yeh peptides jaise ki carnosine, anserine aur balenine ke part ki from main paya jata hai jo aap meat aur fish se consume karte hain.

Hamari body nucleotides ko breakdown karke bhi beta-alanine ko synthesize karti hai aur beta alanine ko dietary supplement se bhi liya ja sakta hai.

Beta - Alanine Kaam Kaise Karta hai (How Beta-Alanine Works ?)

Anaerobic metabolism main energy produce hoti hai bina oxygen ke aur yeh process muscles main hoti hai jab hum exercise karte hain. Aur is anaerobic metabolism ke kaaran muscles main lactic acid banta hai aur iski vajah se muscles main PH drop hota hai jiska matlab hai ki muscles zyada acidic ho jate hain.

Resistance weight training anaerobic form of exercise hai. Beta-alanine ka positive effect hai anaerobic endurance pe aur yeh muscle main lactic acid build up ko delay karta hai. 

Isiliye amino acid beta alanine ko supplement karne se aap zyada workout aur zyada reps kar sakte hain muscular failure tak pahunchne se pehle. Beta alanine jab liya jata hai toh voh carnosine main convert ho jata hai aur iske effects ke liye carnosine responsible hai.

Carnosine type I aut type II dono muscle fibers main paya jata hai but yeh type II muscle fibers main zyada concentration main paya jata hai aur type II muscle fibers high intensity strength workouts main use hote hain aur muscle growth badate hain.

Beta-Alanine supplementation se muscles main stored carnosine raise hota hai. Researches yeh batati hain ki beta alanine ki 4 weeks supplementation se carnosine concentration approximate 40 to 60 % badti hai.

Guys Beta Alanine ke blood carnosine badane ke effects long term hai aur beta alanine ko daily liya ja sakta hai kuch weeks ke liye. Beta alanine ko immediately before workout liya ja sakta hai jis se physical performance boost hoti hai.

Dosage of Beta-Alanine Supplement

Researches yeh batati hai ki beta alanine supplement ki optimal dose hai 6 g per day. Yeh level carnosine levels boost karta hai aur performance improve karta hai. But beginner beta alanine 4-5g a day hi consume karen.

Beta-Alanine ke benefits kitni der main dekhne ko milte hain

Beta-Alanine ko use karne se performance 2 week main hi badne lagti hai but kuch logon ko iske results Ist week main hi dikh jate hain.

Aur iske 4 weeks use karne ke baad carnosine levels 12 weeks tak badte rehte hain jo kafi beneficial hai for bodybuilders and athletes.

Users iske immediate benefits bhi experience karte hain. Isey lene ke baad muscle pump bhi aata hai in workouts kyunki carnosine nitric oxide enzymes ko generate karta hai aur is se vascularity aur pump badta hai.

Beta - Alanine side effects and safety tips

Kuch logon ko iske use ke baad kuch minutes ke liye flushing sensation ho sakti hai but voh theek ho jati hai aur aisa sirf ek do baar hi hota hai isey starting main lene se.

But beta alanine ki yeh sensation bad sakti hai agar aap isey caffeine ke saath lete hain aur agar aap isey caffeine ke saath lena bhi chahte hain toh small dose main lein, beeter yahi rahega ki aap beta alanine ko caffeine ke saath nahi lein.

Iske alawa beta alanine ke koi side effects nahi hain agar isey recommended dose main liya jaye.

Beta - alanine supplementation se muscle carnosine levels badte hain jis se lactic acid build up delay hota hai aur fatigue ka experience kam hota hai. 

Beta Alanine ek bahut important workout supplement hai aur unke liye kafi beneficial hai jo weight training karte hain higher reps se aur kam rest lekar aur isey as a pre-workout liya ja sakta hai.

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