7 Quick Tips to Gain Mass

7 Quick Tips to Gain Mass

Guys Muscle Mass is the defining element of bodybuilding sports. All of you want symmetry, shape and defination but final analysis is that muscle mass is the defining element of physique.

Mass Building Analysis has three components : 

  1. A Correct Diet Strategy
  2. Hardcore Training
  3. Hightech Supplementation

In this article we'll discuss about the 7 tips that help to start anabolism and you can create a positive nitrogen balance with the help of these tips to increase muscle mass.

7 Quick Tips to Gain Mass

1. Lift Explosively

7 Quick Tips to Gain Mass

The amount of force your muscle generate is proportional to amount of muscle growth. Force is defined as mass multiplied by acceleration and here you use weights to apply force and acceleration is speed with which you push the weight.

To create more force lift the weights explosively and also do variations in the speed to increase muscle growth.

2. Focus on Negative

7 Quick Tips to Gain Mass

Muscle growth is logically by product of muscle contraction. When muscle contract than stress is applied on it and after this contraction in negative phase get back to the starting position slowly to increase tension on muscle length.

Focusing on negatives is an easy way to overload muscles and to promote radial gains in muscle mass.

3. Stop doing Aerobics

Stop doing Aerobics

Aerobic exercises has detrimental effects on mass building. Aerobic exercises interfere with strength gains and muscle recovery which burn valuable glycogen and branched chain amino acids.

The best way to add muscle mass is to upgrade your resting metabolic rate (RMR) because elevated RMR burn more calories and you look leaner.

4. Dramatically increase your calories

Dramatically increase your calories

You can achieve a positive nitrogen balance with a high calorie diet. To build new muscle mass you need carbs, proteins and fats. By increasing 50% of your calories (from 300 to 4500 calories) for 3 days, you can increase your growth with little bit or no fat.

You can increase growth by improving muscle sensitivity to insulin and by providing more carbs for glycogen storage. If you are over trained and can't grow new muscle then additional calories promote anabolism. 

You have to increase this 50% calorie intake for 3 days and after that get back to your daily calorie intake. This trick also stimulate new growth without any unwanted fat.

5. Increase Sodium Intake

Increase Sodium Intake

Sodium is an essential mineral which promotes muscle growth. Sodium has bad reputation because it increases water retention but its plus side is that it enhance carbohydrates retention and increase amino acid absorption.

It also increase muscle responsiveness to insulin. So you can take sodium daily but can't take too much.

6. Eat in the middle of Night

protein shake

Anabolism depends on excess calories and you are well aware that bodybuilders eat 4 to 6 meals a day to increase nutrients absorption and to get steady supply of carbs, proteins and fat.

So you can take 4 to 6 meals a day with a protein shake in the middle of the night for additional growth and to expand you muscle building plan.

7. Supplementation with Glutamine, BCAA and Creatine

Supplementation with Glutamine, BCAA and Creatine

Glutamine, BCAA and creatine are one of the best bodybuilding supplements. Glutamine is an immunity amino. If you are overly stressed with dieting and over training than immune system release glutamine in the bloodstream.

 Glutamine low levels inhibit muscle growth that's why glutamine is important for hard trainers. Creatine helps in increasing muscle strength and size and bcaa increases nitrogen balance and prevent muscles from catabolism.

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