Top Most Vitamin from all the Vitamins | Vitamin C Bodybuilding and Health Benefits

Top Most Vitamin from all the Vitamins | Vitamin C Bodybuilding and Health Benefits
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Vitamin C has benefits for overall health as well as for bodybuilding and vitamin c is the number 1 vitamin from all the vitamins.

Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic acid is a water soluble vitamin. Human body can't make vitamin c itself and that's why you have to take vitamin c from food or supplement.

Those who want to remain healthy require regular consumption of vitamin c either in food or supplement form. Vitamin C helps in synthesis of Carnitine like molecules.

Carnitine transports fat into mitochondria where fat is used as an energy and in this way vitamin c helps in less storage of fat in the body and body works more efficiently.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the best vitamin and has a lot of benefits for Health :

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1. Vitamin C is highly productive and effective anti-oxidant. It protects proteins, fats and carbohydrates molecules from free radicals damage and protects body from toxins and pollutants damage.

2. Vitamin C builds tissues like collagen proteins and some other tissues in the body. It helps in healing process and heals muscle fibers which helps in growing thick muscles.

3. Vitamin C reduces breakdown of muscles. When you consume vitamin c than it gets converted into serotonin and serotonin reduces release of stress hormone like cortisol. Due to low release of cortisol like hormones muscle breakdown decreases to some extent.

4. Vitamin C improves testosterone levels and increases anabolism which helps in muscle building. Vitamin C improves the recovery after workout.

5. Vitamin C prevents the body from colds and flu and due to this you get regular to your workout routine. That's why bodybuilders, athletes and some gym goers regularly consume vitamin c supplement.

Some Fruits and Vegetable from which you can take Vitamin C

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Orange - Orange juice 3/4 cup provides 75 mg of vitamin c.

Grape Fruit - Grape fruit juice 3/4 cup provides 60 mg of vitamin c.

Tomatoes - 1/2 cup chopped raw tomato provides 23 mg of vitamin c.

Broccoli - 1/2 cup cooked broccoli provides 58 mg of vitamin c.

Potato - 1 medium cooked potato provides 26 mg of vitamin c.

Recommended and Upper Limit Dosage of Vitamin C

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Vitamin C daily recommended dosage for adults is 95 mg per day and its upper tolerable limit is 2000 mg or 2 g per day.

Those persons who are not doing any physical work can take 95 mg of vitamin c from food but bodybuilders, athletes and gym goers need more than 95 mg of vitamin c a day. 

So you can take up to 500 mg to 1 g vitamin c a day. You can take 500 mg of vitamin c 30 minutes before workout and after workout. 

On non training day you can take you can take 500 mg of vitamin c after breakfast. In this way you can maintain adequate levels of vitamin c and get benefits of vitamin c.

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin so body use it as per its requirement and it flushes rest of vitamin c out from the body but don't take it 2g or above vitamin C a day because such amount of vitamin c can be toxic for your body.

Vitamin C perfect benefit is that it helps in production of nitric oxide during exercise. Vitamin C protects those enzymes which produce Nitric Oxide and protects Nitric oxide production enzymes from free radicals and due to this you get better pump during exercise.

Some Best Vitamin C supplements List is given Below:

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NutrineLife Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid 500 mg - 120 Tablets (Pack of 1)

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