How to Boost Testosterone naturally in 10 days

How to Boost Testosterone naturally | Faster Ways

Any gym freak who want to get bigger muscles knows very well the importance of Testosterone. Testosterone increases muscle protein synthesis which leads to increase in muscle mass and enhances some other important functions.

Testosterone is very beneficial to increase strength and muscle mass but unfortunately as your age grows your testosterone levels start decreasing naturally. You get highest levels of testosterone in between the age of 20 years to 30 years.With decrease in testosterone levels your ability to increasing muscle mass start declining.

Due to this problem many persons start using anabolics which are dangerous for your health. With the use of these anabolic steroids hormones estrogen and testosterone start increasing in the body.

The Testosterone boost after using anabolics is temporary and this unnatural increase in testosterone hormone stops your natural testosterone production for the rest of your life. So never use these anabolic steroids. There are some ways that helps you to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

Ways to boost Testosterone naturally

1. Eat the Right Foods

To increase testosterone levels you need to take proper nutrition. You also need some amount of fat to increase your testosterone production.

You have to take 30% of your daily calories from fat. Not all fats are good for testosterone but fats like mono-saturated fats are good for testosterone. You have to use only that amount of fat which your body can use.

Those persons who use healthy nuts like almonds have 30% higher testosterone levels. Fat also contains stored estrogen so taking large amount of fats is bad for you.

You can protect yourself from gaining fat by consuming raw vegetables, brocolli and cauliflower because these foods destroy the levels of estrogen as these contains DIM chemical which flush out estrogen out from the body. These raw vegetable also help in testosterone production. 

Don't consume alcohol because alcohol stops fat burning process and excess amount of fat is not good for testosterone.

2. Intense Workout

When you do weight training than you put your body and muscles in stressful state. This stress to muscles and body releases testosterone. So it is advised to do heavy weight training to increase testosterone levels. 

Compound Movements helps in increasing Testosterone levels faster. You can perform Squats, Dead Lifts and bench Press like compound exercises to increase the release of testosterone. And also perform your reps in slower form which increase stress on your muscles and helps in boosting testosterone levels.

Heavy weight training has a great impact on your testosterone levels so do workout at least 3 to 4 days a week to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

3. Multivitamin and Trace elements

Some vitamins and minerals help your body to increase Testosterone levels and flush out estrogen out from the body. D- Aspartate is an amino acids which is produced in Testis that boost Testosterone levels. 

Our Fat cells contain aromatase enzyme which convert testosterone into estrogen but some vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc kill this aromatase enzyme. So the daily dose of these vitamins and minerals and D-Aspartate supplement is beneficial to boost testosterone levels naturally.

4. Muscle Recovery & Proper Rest

When you train some muscle than you need to give rest to that muscle for at least 48 hours to train again. Don't over train a muscle because over training lower upto 40% of your testosterone levels.

You also need to take proper rest to increase testosterone levels. 6 to 8 hours consistent sleep increases 40 % of testosterone levels but body take at least 2 weeks to produce additional testosterone. 

Don't take stress because stress produces cortisol hormone and this hormone stops testosterone production. This cortisol hormone also produced when you do over training and that's why never do over training which decrease your testosterone levels.

5. Avoid Fatty and Sugary Foods

Excess body fat increases estrogen levels so you need to decrease your excess body fat to increase testosterone levels. Avoid high fat foods and sugary foods because these foods are the cause of your low testosterone. 

Your body fat percent must be below 20 % to increase your testosterone levels so always maintain 20% or below that % body fat to help your body to increase test levels naturally.

End Point

So these are some tips that help you to increase your testosterone production naturally and high testosterone levels help to increase muscle mass and strength.

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