Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) Benefits and Side Effects

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) Benefits and Side Effects
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Every Bodybuilder and Sportsmen works on increasing his/her strength, muscles, vitality and endurance for best results in the field and there are many ways to improve the physique as per your requirement. 

In order to achieve the goals many people try anabolic steroids to get fast results but these anabolics are dangerous for your health and one of the most popular anabolic steroid for muscle growth and strength is Dianabol. 

What is Dianabol ?

Dianabol is the most popular steroid used by many sportsmen. Dianabol comes in injectible and pill form but its pill form is commonly used and preferred by sportsmen. 

Dbol is extremely popular because the gains are massive and quick and they come in a relatively short time. Dbol or Dianabol also help you to lose fat if you're following a calorie restricted diet. These two facts make it very popular to lose fat and bulk up!

Dianabol also known as Dbol is a drug used ton increase muscle mass and strength. Dianabol is a cheap drug and that's why beginners use it but dianabol side effects are very harsh and you can't recover from its side effects so it is better not to take dianabol for gaining muscle mass and strength.

Short History about Dianabol Use

Dianabol was first time used by athletes to maintain anabolic boosting properties and in 1950's dianabol was the common drug of US athletes because of its anabolic effects.

But in early 1980's FDA studied benefits and side effects of dianabol and came to know that dianabol is very toxic. Dianabol was available for purchase until 1983, after that it was removed from the market and since then its production was moved overseas. 

Various countries around the world still manufacture Dianabol and it can be found quite easily. 

Benefits of Dianabol

  • Dianabol is used by athletes and bodybuilders because it increases protein synthesis. 
  • Dianabol helps the body to retain nitrogen and it is important because 16% muscle tissues are build with the help of nitrogen.
  • Dianabol also provides glycogenolysis benefit due to which a person eats carbohydrates easily and gets better energy.
  • Dianabol increases metabolic rate and stimulate body fat.
  • Dianabol increases recovery after intense workouts and gives you more stamina and strength.

Side Effects of Dianabol

  • Dianabol is a strong estrogenic steroid and its long term dosage converts it into methylestradiol and it leads to gyno problem.
  • It can also increase water retention in the body and risk of high blood pressure.
  • You can also experience hair loss, acne, excess hair growth on all body parts.
  • Dianabol may increase bad (LDL) cholestrol and decrease good (HDL) cholestrol. which blocks your artries and you get abnormal heart beat.
  • Usage of dianabol stops natural testosterone production of body.
  • Dianabol is toxic and it can cause liver problems and if someone use alcohol in dianabol cycle than it can damage the liver permanently.

Dianabol is a very dangerous drug so throw the idea of using this drug from your mind and never use it ever because slow and safest muscle building is better than fast and unsafe muscle building which leads to death. 

End Point

Many persons think that its injectible form has little bit or no side effects but this is not true, dianabol's injectible form is also toxic and dangerous for body. So keep yourself away from drugs like dianabol and follow natural ways to achieve your fitness goals. 

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