How much Protein to take after Workout ? Best Information

Protein after workout
Protein after workout

Guys maximum people from you use a scoop of Protein after a hard workout session. But how much people notice the qty. of protein they are taking and the quantity of protein you are taking after workout matters so Let's know how much protein you need after workout ???

How much Protein you need after Workout ?

Any type of Exercise specially weight training damage muscles. While lifting weight muscle tissues gets damaged due to stress and to rebuild muscle tissues Protein is required because protein provides necessary amino acids for muscle growth and repair.

Older studies showed that taking 20 to 25 gram protein is enough to maximize muscle protein synthesis after workout.

But recent studies show that the amount of protein you need after workout depends on the workout intensity, duration & exercise and also on the amount of muscle mass you have.

For optimal muscular performance it is best to consume Protein after workout.

For Lighter workout sessions or for those workouts in which smaller muscle groups such as arms, calves and abs are involved, you can take minimum 25 gram of protein.

For Heavy workout sessions or for those sessions in which you perform compound exercises and train larger muscle groups such as legs, chest and back, you can take up to 40 gram of protein.

Along with this you have to take adequate amount of protein from diet throughout the day.

If you are not shredding than you can take 1.5 gram to 2 gram protein per kg of body weight.

And if you are shredding than you can take little bit more protein throughout the day.

So guys this was the information related to protein intake after workout. If you like it, Share it with others and for any queries comment below....

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