Top 3 Side-Effects of Smoking on Bodybuilding | How to Quit it ?

Top 3 Effects of Smoking on Bodybuilding | How to Quit it ?
Effects of Smoking on Bodybuilding

Guys smoking is addictive and with this habit bodybuilders and athletes are  compromising with your muscle gains. Nicotine available in Cigarette makes it addictive. 

Smoking related health issues come from tobacco toxic effects and it is harmful specially to muscle seekers. There are no safe substances in any tobacco product. 

Smoking leads to lot of complications in the body and these side effects can be long term for your body system. Tobacco smoke is extremely harmful for your health.

Top 3 Side Effects of Smoking for Bodybuilding

1. Smoking lowers Testosterone Levels

Your Testosterone levels are directly linked to your muscle building. Muscle cells has receptors for testosterone called as androgen receptors. When testosterone binds with receptors than muscle fibers are maintained.

Without testosterone or less testosterone this maintenance will stop and muscle starts degrading. Smoking damage those cells that produce testosterone. Due to this muscle start turning into fat such as chest and stomach muscles.

2. Smoking Makes you Insulin Resistant

Smoking makes you Insulin Resistant which has disastrous effects on your muscle building goals. Insulin is a protein cum hormone which gets released when you eat carb rich foods and send signals to muscle cells to absorb glucose. 

Glucose gets released when you eat meals and is used to produce ATP energy cells for body. When you are resistant to insulin than your muscle cells don't respond to absorb glucose from blood aur it makes you energy deprived. 

Insulin Resistance make you feel tired and you can't perform at your optimum level. Insulin resistance has negative effects on nutrient absorption and it encourage fat deposition and this stops muscle building.

3. Smoking Raises Cortisol

Smoking increases levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone and it also decreases testosterone production. Cortisol reduces protein synthesis and protein synthesis is required for muscle growth. 

Smokers has increased levels of Myostatin hormone which reduces muscle growth and muscle strength.

Tips to Quit Smoking 

1. Get Rid of Everything that could possibly be related to Smoking

Stay away from all those things that relate to smoking like cigars, ashtrays, matches, lighters even burning incense or lightning candles for some months. Doing this tough but better to let them go.

2. Tell someone close to you that you are going to quit Smoking

By telling some one that you're going to quit smoking, you are not only making commitment with yourself as well as with others. You also tell your plan to quit smoking to other persons you meet regularly. By doing this you will get a support to quit even if others are smokers.

3. Avoid Smoking Triggers

Most common triggers of smoking are alcohol, coffee and hanging out with other smokers, so avoid all this for a couple of months. This sounds scary but this is not bad for you.

4. Change your Routine

Changing routine is also a hard thing but it is necessary to quit smoking. When the urge to smoke comes in your mind than go for a walk so that urge passes out. After meals use some candy or chewing gum and some healthy snacks to get rid of urge to smoke after meals.

So by following these tips you will definitely be one step forward to get rid of Smoking Addiction.
Hope you like this article,. If you find it beneficial than share it with others to help them as well. 

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  1. Even being aware of side effects of smoking, we hope some divine luck to help avoiding problems. Well, someone called a cigarette a pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with fire at one end and a fool at the other. Might seem rude but, hey – knowing about deadly consequences and sticking to dangerous stuff isn’t that smart either. On the other hand, the addiction grows so strong that some people quit smoking only by dying.