Seven Seas Fish Oil - World's Cheapest Fish Oil Supplement for Muscle Gain & Fat Loss

Hi Guys and welcome to Aman Deep Creations. In this article I will share information about cheapest fish oil supplement Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil. 

Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil Fish Oil Supplement costs Rs. 200 per 100 capsules and believe me it is one of the best and cheapest fish oil supplement. 

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Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil Fish Oil Benefits in Terms of Bodybuilding

Protein and its basic constituents repair muscles and re synthesize muscle tissues and prevents muscle degradation.

And in this process fish oil also play an important role. Fish Oil is a good source of fat that improves muscle building effects of exercise.

How Fish Oil is Made?

Fish Oil or Omega 3 is made from the combination of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which is beneficial to maintain  blood pressure and provides bodybuilding and heart health benefits.

Cod Liver Oil is a supplement derived from the liver of cod fish. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin A and vitamin D.

Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil Fish Oil Benefits

1. Keeps Joints Flexible: 

Bodybuilding is a type of game in which you have to do heavy lifting and heavy lifting puts stress on joints and may lead to cartilage breakdown. 

Fish Oil contain proper dose of EPA and DHA that have been shown to decrease inflammation in the joints.

Fish Oil is beneficial for flexible and limber joints. Omega 3 fatty acids may decrease symptoms of morning stiffness, tender or swollen joints and joint pain.

2. Increases muscle strength and physical performance:

Fish Oil Supplementation is beneficial for muscle strength and size. Omega 3 inside fish oil boost muscle protein synthesis and cause muscle growth.

Fish Oil also boost muscle strength and functional capacity. According to studies, fish oil improves muscle activation and functional capacity.

Fish Oil is a good source of fats and it helps improve anabolic effects of exercise. 

3. Protect from exercise negative effects: 

With intense training, free radicals gets produced in the body and can damage your cells. Omega 3 in fish oil modify status of blood anti oxidants and due to which body gets protected from free radicals damage.

Fish Oil contains ingredients that help to reduce muscle soreness and nerve pain and accelerate healing process.

4. Lose Fat with Fish Oil:

Losing Fat is as important as building muscles and here fish oil work. 

Fish Oil decrease hormones like cortisol which has positive effect on fat loss. Omega 3 may helps you to lose some inches and shed body fat.

Fish Oil is very effective in reducing hunger and appetite which is helpful in a weight loss diet plan. It makes your metabolism fast and can help you to burn more calories. 

Fish Oil helps you to lose inches of fat without losing your actual weight. 

5. Improves Brain Health:

If we talk about Bodybuilding than brain is one of the important part of the body. Muscle Building and Fat loss has Mind to Muscle Connection.

According to studies, Fish Oil is healthy for brain because it increases serotonin levels which improves mental focus. 

Omega 3 acid in fish Oil are vital for normal brain function and development. It helps to get rid of stress and depression. 

Dosage and How to Take Fish Oil

According to US Food and Drug Administration, fish oil dose up to 3000 mg per day is considered as safe. 

It can be taken between 300 mg to 3000 mg per day but if you are taking any blood thinning medicine than consult some doctor before taking fish oil. 

If you are using Seven Seas Cod live Oil than you can take its 3-4 capsules per day. 2 capsules after breakfast and 2 before going to sleep at night. And can be taken with water.

To get mot benefits of omega 3 supplement, take those supplements that contain 50% EPA and DHA.

The Bottom Line

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Fish Oil - Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil has a lot of benefits. It helps to build muscle as well as to lose extra fat.

These benefits will be seen only on those person who do hard workout and take proper nutrition. Otherwise, no effects will be seen after using fish oil supplement.

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