Brown Rice vs. White Rice - The Real Truth

Hello Guys and Welcome to Aman Deep Creations Blog. Guys it is very easy to argument that brown rice is healthier than white rice because brown rice are more nutritious and studies show that eating whole grains have more benefits.

It is true that Brown Rice are more nutritious than white rice. Brown Rice has 43% more protein, 105% more fiber and 425% more omega 3 fatty acids than white rice. 

Well these things re true on paper and notes but actually the difference between the two is very less if you see the both varieties in right way. Let's know about their macros in detail:

Macros in Brown Rice and White Rice per 1 Cup

These macros are calculates as per 1 cup serving of Brown Rice and White Rice. White Rice 1 cup is of 174 g and Brown Rice 1 cup is of 195 g.

White Rice - 169 Calories 
Brown Rice - 216 Calories

White Rice - 36.7 g Carbs
Brown Rice - 44.8 g Carbs

White Rice - 3.5 g Protein
Brown Rice - 5 g Protein

White Rice - 0.3 g Fat
Brown Rice - 1.8 g Fat

White Rice - 5.2 mg Omega 3 
Brown Rice - 27.3 mg Omega 3

White Rice - 115 mg Omega 6
Brown Rice - 603 mg Omega 6

Guys are mostly asked to eat Brown Rice in place of white rice because Brown rice has little bit more fiber content than white rice. Well, brown rice is a whole grain so that's why brown rice has more fiber than white rice but brown rice has only 1.8 g more fiber than white rice per cup.

If you want to take more fiber than you can take good quantity of fiber from fruits and vegetables. As you see above brown rice has more macro nutrients than white rice that make brown rice more nutritious but if we talk about micro nutrients (Vitamins and Minerals) than in brown rice except niacin, folate, choline and vitamin k all other vitamins and minerals are in same quantity as in white rice. 

But guys brown rice has some anti-nutrients that block absorption of vitamins and minerals and its one example is phytic acid also known as phytate. 

100 g brown rice has 0.06 to 1.08 g phytic acid which reduces vitamins and minerals absorption specially zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium absorption which are essential for your body.

According to Osaka City University Study brown rice reduce that digestion of proteins and fats but this is not done in case of white rice. 

Brown Rice and White Rice in Terms of Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index is a numeric system with which it is ranked that in how much time body converts carbs into glucose. Glycemic Index is ranked from scale 0 to 100. Below 55 Glycemic Index in Low Index, 56 to 69 Glycemic Index is medium Glycemic Index and above 70 Glycemic Index is high index.

Simple Carbs like sugar, white bread, white potatoes gets converted into glucose easily so they have high glycemic index.

Complex Carbs like Apple, black beans, whole garin pasta gets converted into glucose slowly so they have lower glycemic index.

Brown rice has glycemic index between 50 to 87 and white rice has glycemic index between 60 to 87 so the fact is if you are lean and do physical activities than glycemic index really does not matter for you.

Arsenic is an element that is available in nature. Arsenic is available in sea food, drinking water, juice, air. Taking arsenic in more quantity is not good for body.

Brown Rice has more arsenic than white rice so if you are taking brown rice than before cooking brown rice soak them in water for 3 hours. Taking White rice like basmati rice is better because white rice are naturally low in arsenic.

Brown rice has layer of bran above them and this layer is removed in white rice. By removing bran layer in white rice, their phytic acid also gets removed and this thing makes white rice more digestible. 

At Last, I would say that brown rice has more nutrients but they also have anti nutrients. It is true that brown rice has lower glycemic index but it is not too much lower as compared to white rice. So I prefer to use white rice . If you have some views related to this topic and our information, Please share them with us till than Stay Fit and Stay Healthy.

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