3 Benefits of Beer for Bodybuilding

5 Benefits of Beer for Bodybuilding
 Beer for Bodybuilding 

Do you enjoy a glass of beer with a felling of guilt ? Then you need to know about the benefits of drinking beer for bodybuilders.

Beer is used as a relaxation drink or at the time of celebrations but Is it good for workout warriors, athletes and sport persons? This question comes in the mind of every sports person.

All other alcoholic beverages have a risk because these alcoholic suppress protein synthesis up to 24%, when people consume 71 gram alcohol equivalent to 5 glass of beer. But protein synthesis is not suppressed with just 28 gram of alcohol equivalent to 2 glass of beer.

It does not that you start drinking beer. This topic is specially for those gym persons who are addicted to alcohol consumption so such persons can consume 1 glass of beer on occasions which has no negative effects on bodybuilding goals.

Benefits of Beer for Bodybuilders

1. Hydration

According to studies, fizzy bubble and carbs available inside a glass of chilled beer hydrate better than water but this hydration level is not more than protein shake hydration level.  

Carbonation in the beer helps  to quench the thirst and that is carbohydrate content.

2. Build Strong Bones

Beer has a high levels of malted barleys and hops. Both of these foods are rich source of silicon. According to National Institute of Health, dietary silicon is important for growth and development of bones and connective tissues.

3. Anti Inflammatory

Muscle Inflammation is common in marathon runners and beer is the solution for that. Beer has anti oxidant called as Polyphenol which reduces inflammation. But you can also use glutamine to recover your sore muscles.

Avoid Beer consumption after Workout

Drinking beer is not advisable in certain situations like if you are hard trainer aur building muscle mass or if you preparing for a contest that you must avoid beer.

If you do workout just to be healthy than you can drink beer. According to sports magazine Journal, alcohol consumption limit is 5 g per Kg weight roughly 2 bottles of beer per 70 Kg male.

If you want to achieve your muscle goals than never consume beer after exercise ever. Always use some protein rich shake after workout like whey otherwise your hard work would waste. If you want to drink beer than you can drink beer at some other time. 

Source: muscleblaze.com

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