Top 5 uses of Vitamin C Celin 500 for Bodybuilding

Sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals are important for athletes and bodybuilders but vitamin c definitely stands out from the crowd. It is regarded as the best out of all the vitamins for bodybuilders and weight lifters. Celin 500 is one of the best vitamin c tablet which is available from any chemist shop at the cost of Rs. 18-10 per 25 tablets pack. It is a chewable vitamin c tablet.

Supplementing your diet with extra vitamin c is bound to improve your bodybuilding results over time. Below are some of the important benefits of celin 500 vitamin c tablet.

Benefits of Celin 500

1. Protects from Free Radicals Damage

When you perform weight training sessions free radicals are created in the body. Free radicals are basically metabolic waste products that attack cells of your body. Because celin 500 is a strong anti oxidant, it will fight free radicals either by stopping their creation or by reducing their effects.

2. Reduces Cortisol Production

The stress of every day life or weight lifting triggers a catabolic hormone known as Cortisol. In terms of muscle building and fat loss, cortisol is bad for you and something you should try to avoid. Cortisol actually breaks down muscle tissues to use for energy and tends to promote extra fat storage especially around your stomach. It also reduces muscle recovery. So if celin 500 is used it reduces the production of cortisol in your body.

3. Strengthens the Immune System

Getting sick is the lst thing a bodybuilder want, you won't be able to train at your peak or you may not be able to workout at all if you are sick. Your diet will probably suffer too and losing a few pounds or kilos are common. That' where celin 500 comes. It works to reduce the chance of you getting an illness.

4. Helps with Muscle Soreness

It has been proven that celin 500 or vitamin c supplements if taken near a workout than muscles won't become sore over the next few days after the workout. You try it on yourself you will see the difference.

5. Helps create Steroid Hormone

Celin 500 assists the creation of natural anabolic steroid in the body. The amount of muscles that you are physically able to build relies on how much of this natural steroid hormone you have in your body, so the more it is the better it is.

Dosage of Celin 500 Vitamin c Tablet

The Daily recommendation intake of vitamin c in only 60 mg that is for average everyday people. As a Bodybuilder you require a far higher amount of vitamin c. I would recommend a daily dose of at least 500 mg but not more than 2000 mg per day. It can be taken with water after breakfast or 30 minutes before a workout. 

There are variety of multi vitamins available in the market but a multi vitamin on its own won't give enough vitamin c for your needs so you will need to purchase a separate celin 500 supplement from chemist.

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