Protein Powders vs. Whole Food | Which is Better?

Many people think that whole food protein sources are better than protein supplement. But is this true? Read the complete article to know about the complete information.

Important Points Related to High Protein Diets

  • A Fat loss diet which has high protein leads to more fat loss and muscle prevention than low protein diet whether both the diet plans has equal amount of calories.
  • High Protein Diet leads to more muscle gain than low protein diet if both diets has overall same amount of calories.
  • High protein cause less belly fat than low protein diet.

So in Bodybuilding field Protein is the most superior macro nutrient out of all the three macro nutrients because it is very difficult for your body to convert protein into fat. That's why Bodybuilders use high protein which enhances Protein synthesis, lean body mass and cardio metabolic health.

Is there any difference between Whole food protein sources and Protein Powders?

To know this researchers do study with two groups of people. Both groups take same amount of calories and do same amount of workout. But one group take 3 large meals per day and the other group take 6 smaller meals per day and in these smaller meals they use some protein powder in half of the meals. 

Study shows that the group who consume 6 meals find more improvement and get more muscles and less fat than the group which take only 3 square meals a day. 

But researchers do another study in which they compare group taking 6 solid meals per day with group taking 3 solid meals and 3 protein shakes per day.

Both groups take high protein diets and both groups consume 1.4 g/ kg of protein. First group consume 6 solid meals and second group consume 3 solid meals and 3 protein shakes per day.

Both groups do the same workouts and in this 16 weeks study it is found that both groups improve their body composition and physical performance.

So in short a whey protein supplement works like solid protein food source. Protein Powder is a good option like whole food protein sources to increase body composition and performance.

Most Bodybuilders and Lifters consume multiple meals per day and consuming protein shake in those meals is a fats and convenient way. So whey protein is a good source like whole protein food for muscle gain and fat loss.

Researchers choose Whey protein because whey protein is superior than soy protein, pea protein and other protein types. Micellar Protein slowly digests than whey protein. But casein is a better muscle builder and a better fat burner. 

Casein slowly release amino acids and leucine in high concentration and casein is anti-catabolic which prevents muscle breakdown. So you can take casein protein 1 hour before sleep. 


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