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In this article you will know about a supplement with which you gain muscle mass fast and its name is Tribulus Teerristris or Gokshura. Gokshura is a popular supplement for increasing muscles and strength for training. Gokshura contains saponins like polychemicals with which you can increase your testosterone levels naturally. There are different supplements of tribulus available in the market like Optimum Nutrition Tribulus but I recommend you to use Himalaya Gokshura  because himalaya gokshura is the best low budget Tribulus supplement with which you can get fast results.

Studies show that gokshura is a part of Bodybuilding supplements which releases nitric oxide which expands blood vessels and increases vascularity and with the help of this gas proper oxygen is delivered to the muscles which leads to more muscle gains.

If you want to enhance your performance in the gym than you can Tribulus as a Pre-Workout supplement. It can be taken 30-60 minutes before workout. Some bodybuilder use it by combining with creatine monohydrate but it depends on person's goal.

Gokshura can be used in both cutting and bulking phase. In Bulking phase it promotes muscle gains and in cutting phase it helps in retaining lean muscle mass and prevents muscle breakdown. And for this purpose you can also use it in the post workout with ashwagandha also.  

Gokshura or Tribulus Terristris Side Effects 

No side effects are associated with its use. Studies show that it has no serious side effects but if you have issues related to kidneys and liver than you avoid its use. 

Gokshura or Tribulus Terristris Dosage

Tribulus or Gokshura can be used only if you are doing proper workout. Its maximum dosage is 500mg to 1 g. Gokshura 1 pill of 250 mg can be taken before workout and 1 after workout or you can consult your trainer related to its use. 

According to report of Gokshura users it has been found that it works better if taken with some other test booster supplement like ashwagandha. If you want to enhance muscle mass, muscular pump, vascularity and stamina than try gokshura it really helps. 

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