Most Effective Mass Gainer Shake - Recipe & Nutritional Information

Mass Gainer Shakes are very helpful for adding additional calories, protein, carbs and fat to your diet and are the best way to gain quality muscle mass. There are variety of mass gainers available in the market but using your own home made mass gainer is the best way to gain and without any side effects because by making your own mass gainer shake you know the quantity and quality of products you are using for making it.

Mass Gainer Shake Ingredients & Nutritional Information

Ingredient No. 1: Yogurt 

You have to use 200 gram greek yogurt. 200 gram yogurt will give you 118 calories, 0.8 gram fat, 7.2 gram carbohydrates and 20 gram protein. 

Ingredient No. 2: Peanuts

You have to use 20 gram peanuts. 20 gram peanuts have 128 calories, 10 gram fat, 3.2 gram carbs and 5.6 gram protein.

Ingredient No. 3: Almonds

You have to use 5 almonds. 5 almonds have 35 calories, 3 gram fat, 1.5 gram carbs and 1.5 gram protein.

Ingredient No. 4: Raw Whey Protein

You have to use 1 scoop of raw whey protein. 1 scoop (30 g) whey protein has 24 gram protein and a genuine whey protein link is given below. you can check it from link below...

Ingredient No. 5: Creatine Monohydrate

You have to use 5 gram creatine monohydrate . And a genuine creatine monohydrate link is given below...

How to make this Mass Gainer Shake

Firstly blend yogurt with half cup water than add 1 scoop (30g) raw whey protein and 1 scoop (5g) of creatine monohydrate and again blend it and make a thick shake. At the end add half table spoon cinnamon powder, peanuts and almonds as per quantity mentioned above. Your shake is ready and you can add some ice cubes to serve it cold.

This is most effective mass gainer shake specially for beginners and can be consumed in between breakfast and lunch or at night before sleep for best results. And after workout use only whey protein shake because whey has fast absorption.

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