Benefits of Vitamin D For Bodybuilding

Vitamin D is an important part of Bodybuilding. But importance is not given to vitamin d as compared to other nutrients that play a major role for overall health and performance in the gym. Let's know how to take vitamin d properly to reach the top of the game.

Vitamin D is known as sunshine vitamin that helps build stronger bones but vitamin d does more than that. It server a variety of functions in the body like maintaining optimal bone health and along with it it has favourable effects on inflammations. Unfortunately, most of us can't get enough vitamin d on daily basis.

If your overall health and performance is weak than it is the time to focus on this nutrient.

Benefits of Vitamin D

1. Stronger Bones

For strong bones calcium is the primary ingredient but vitamin d is also a strong stimulator of calcium deposition in the body. If you are not getting enough vitamin d than your body stops calcium deposition in the body due to which your bones becomes weaker with time.

2. Improved Muscle Function

Vitamin D supplementation increases strength gains. Vitamin D deficiency is relatively common in athletes and bodybuilders which leads to muscle weakness and may cause muscle fiber atrophy.

3. Protection from Cardiovascular Diseases

Vitamin D classic function is to increase calcium absorption but along with it it has protective effects on heart. Recent evidences demonstrate that vitamin d deficient persons has risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, sudden cardiac death or heart failure. Vitamin D helps in lowering blood pressure and improves compliance.

4. Decreased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes may cause long term diseases like nerve damage, heart diseases, eye damage and kidney failure. Recent studies show that vitamin d plays a significant role in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Studies shows that higher levels of vitamin d helps improving beta cell functioning, insulin sensitivity and whole body inflammation.

5. Reduced Risk of Cancer

Research studies shows that higher levels of vitamin d reduces risk of cancers including colon, breast, ovarian and prostate. Vitamin D is one of the most potent inhibitor of cancer cell growth and reduce risk of cancer by increasing calcium absorption and cell differentiation. And it reduces metastasis which prevents cancer from spreading one organ to other.

How much time of Sun Exposure to get maximum level of Vitamin D ?

In Research Studies, the exact amount of vitamin which you can get from sun rays is not mentioned but with 20 minutes exposure to sun and in shots without using any sun screen, you can get maximum vitamin d levels and only fair complexion persons.

Dark Complexion persons can consume less vitamin d from sun. But some persons get fast sun burns and some have skin which tans in less time, so direct sun exposure is not a best way to get vitamin d.

 Direct sun exposure can cause skin tanning. But those who want to follow this method can follow it 2 times a week.

How much Vitamin D a day is Safe or Recommended ?

Currently the institute of medicine, food and nutrition board fix a guideline for all kind of nutrients. Vitamin D recommended daily intake is 600 IU per day for men and women between the age of 9 and 70 years.

And its Upper Intake Level is 4000 IU per day but researches shows that 6000 IU per day vitamin d for 12 weeks causes no adverse health effects but don't consume over 6000 IU.

Best Sources to take Vitamin D

1. Sun 

Sun is an easiest way to get vitamin d. Sun's UV radiations form per vitamin d on skin and after that it goes to blood stream and than quickly moved to liver and converted to vitamin d.

2. Diet

Vitamin D is not available inside every food naturally. You can get vitamin d from oily fish, dairy, eggs etc. but in a limited quantity.

3. Supplementation

Those persons who can't get vitamin d from diet and sun can supplement vitamin d. For this, you don't need any additional supplement. Most of the multivitamins have 600 IU vitamin d which is perfect dose as per recommendation. So you can use some multivitamin supplement which has vitamin d up to 600 IU. If it is little bit more than that it's ok but it must be below 6000 IU.

You can take your health and performance to the next level by adding vitamin d in your life style.

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