Cutting vs. Bulking | What Beginners should do First?

Cutting vs. Bulking | What Beginners should do First?

It is very difficult for beginners to get rid of bad eating habits for fitness and to add good and difficult habits and to be patient to get results. But if you note out your goals than things become easy for you. All of you gain weight after some time and lift some weight after sometime but one question comes in the mind of beginners that what to do first Cutting or Bulking. But some factors can't answer this question properly. 

Most of the skinny people don't focus on aesthetics and think bulking as the best option but for skinny people cutting will be the best option and the reason behind  this is if skinny people do bulking than they can consume excess calories and protein to build muscles fast and by doing this beginners carry more fat and after that seeing their physique in the mirror they get demotivated and due to demotivation many beginners quit gym field and fitness.

If beginners do cutting first than they have to take less calories and more protein and by doing this their they get best visual results and you will see perfect muscles and get motivated towards fitness. 

Some people say that if beginners do cutting first than they get more skinny but for beginners this is not the case. Fact is beginners experience newbie gains. Newbie gain is a period when one person gain muscle mass and strength because beginners are on newbie gains so they retain muscle massin cutting also and in many cases beginners get more muscle mass while in cutting plan.

Also beginners has lot of fat stored and in cutting that stored fat is used as an energy so for beginners first 4 weeks are best for cutting with which they can get aesthetic body.

For Beginners cutting is also best because beginners don't know the perfect technique of performing sets and in cutting they have to do light intensity exercise which is best as per cutting aspect. For bulking you have to do high intensity and volume training which is not possible for beginners . If beginners can't do bulking first than they can correct their form and prevents them self from injuries and get muscular results. 

So after knowing all this you came to know that doing cut first is good but keep this in mind that cutting and bulking phases are temporary because as a bodybuilder you have to take your body to a level and than have to maintain that level. For that Training and Nutrition balance is the key. And these are my thoughts  on cutting and bulking, may be you agree with this or not.

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