Know everything about Creatine

Broadly speaking, there is something that is stored in the muscles is creatine that is used as an energy. In order to work hard for a long time, it does play its role in creating the energy that is needed. If its volume decreases in muscles, then you will get tired soon.

It is used as a food supplement in bodybuilding. But let us tell you that Creteine ​​is not a boon. People who eat good food can also work without it. Those who eat non-veg can easily acquire creatine. Therefore, supplementing it works more on vegetarian people. Usually a healthy person can use the creatine.

How Creatine Works?

By drinking creatine, the ability of muscles to tolerate stress increases. That is to say that it increases strength, muscle mass and stamina. You look and feel full of muscles. The reason for this is that it stores water in the muscles. This helps in increasing the size because the signal goes to the brain that the muscles have grown and their appetite has increased. Then your body's cells mobilize the necessary things and get there.

The ability to use proteins in a better way also increases. However, the creatine itself does not increase size. This helps in increasing the size. When you stop taking the creatine, water will release from your muscles and its size will remain which is made from training and eating. Your weight may also be lowered. It will be the weight of the water that Creatine deposited in your muscles.

Who should not take it?

Those who have difficulty in liver and kidney should not take it. People under the age of 18 and pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding mothers. They should not even take a creatine. 
Apart from this, if you are taking any medication, there is no effect on your sugar levels, do not take it too, because the creatine influences sugar levels, diabetic patients do not take creatine.

Side-effects of creatine

Some side effects have come out like this

  •  More water accumulation in the body
  • Fever, headache and fatigue
  • Influence on diarrhea, kidney and liver
  • breathing problem
  • Weight gain and stomach upset 

Often these problems come from taking more than dose. Its use is completely safe and many researches are done on it and it is not a steroid.

Creatine dosage

The recommended dose of taking creatine is 5-10g per day. Some people load it before starting its cycle but I don't think loading can give you fast result so use it on a common dose of 5g per day and can be use for 30-40 days.Drink lot of water along with creatine's use. 

Important Information

If you are taking creatine, drink plenty of water because it stores the water in the muscles. This is called water retention. It does not have any effect on your kidney. It is important that you drink more water than usual for normal days. It is mentioned on the supplement box that how to use the creatine. Take less but do not take too much dosage because too much of anything is bad.

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