9 ways to get vascularity and popping veins

Whether you're training for bodybuilding or to get in top shape for a holiday, vascularity is critical for physique development. Vascularity means the visibility of the blood vessels in the skin and is a vital part of aesthetics.

Incorporate these methods into your training program, which will then help you maximise vascularity and your physique.

1. Increase Muscle Mass

Increasing muscle mass is one of the first steps to achieving better vascularity. This is because larger muscles need both higher amounts of blood flow and more nutrients. It can also increase blood vessel flexibility, forming larger blood vessels which will help visibility.

2. Use Moderate and High Rep Ranges

Using higher repetition ranges causes a greater energy to be used by the working muscle. This increase in stress can then cause an increase in a chemical known Nitric Oxide, which then causes new blood vessels to form and grow.

3. Avoid Cardio

Research has shown that strength training causes a bigger increase in Nitric Oxide than aerobic exercise.

4. Eat a Diet Rich In Nitrates

Beetroots, spinach or lettuce, are nitrate-rich foods are high in nitrates. Consuming these leads to an increase in circulating Nitric Oxide in the blood.

5. Practice Posing

Posing also offers a way to improve vascularity through restricting blood flow to the flexed areas and causing a pump and an increase in Nitric Oxide.

6. Decrease Body Fat

To maximise your vascularity, your body fat needs to be in the single digit range for men, and for women, it will need to be around the mid-teens.

7. Decrease Water Retention

Once muscle mass is improved and body fat is reduced, water in the skin should be minimised. This is so that the skin 'thins' and allows the blood vessels to become more visible.

8. Raise Body Temperature

Through exercise, saunas or steam rooms, you can increase body temperature, which will then cause the blood vessels to widen and become more visible.

9. Supplement for Added Vascularity

Supplements like Arginine, which can increase levels of Nitric Oxide in the blood and promote higher vascularity directly.

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