Tribulus Terrestris for increasing Testosterone and Muscle Mass - Benefits and Dosage

If you want to bulk up within some weeks than you need as much help as you can and here supplements play a vital role. Yes, you know that supplement can't do any miracle but if you take right diet and do correct training than a carefully choosen supplement stack will gives you exactly those results that you want.Whether you want to build muscle or you want to be stronger or you want to be leaner or want to work on other aspects of life, the one supplement that must be available in your supplement stack is Tribulus Terristris (Gokshura in Hindi). So let's study more about tribulus.

Tribulus Terristris is a natural herbal ingredient native to china and other parts of eastern Asia. It is a plant that is used for medicinal purposes till now. It is used in herbal ingredient supplement form in many bodybuilding supplements. It is used in bodybuilding supplements because tribulus primary functions is boosting Testosterone.
Many Bodybuilders and athletes use tribulus supplement to increase testosterone levels naturally with which athletic performance gets enhanced and it helps in increasing muscle mass, strength and energy levels. Not only athletes and physically active persons use it but individuals with low testosterone levels and those who are suffering from sexual health issues including poor fertility can also use this supplement. There are many tribulus supplements available in the market and you can use any of the trusted brand tribulus supplement of your choice.

Benefits of Tribulus Terristris:

1. Increases Testosterone: It is proved that this supplement naturally increases testosterone production within the human body. The reason behind this is tribulus has natural precursor to testosterone known as Protodioscin that assist production of testosterone within the body. Also it increases production of luteinsing hormone which also stimulates production of testosterone.

2. Increases Muscle Mass: Testosterone is highly anabolic hormone that plays a key role in the growth and repair of muscle tissues in the human body. The more testosterone a person produces, the more muscular results he will get. As Tribulus naturally increases testosterone production, individuals that use this supplement easily gain muscle mass and their recovery time gets increased. 

Dosage of Tribulus Terristris:

As per studies its prescribed dosage is related to person's body weight i.e. 10-20 mg per kg of body weight. So if your weight is 70 kg, you might take a dose of 700 - 1400 mg tribulus per day.

Tribulus contains compound named Saponins and this is responsible for its health benefits.On many supplements labels the percentage of saponins is mentioned. It is common for triblus to contain 40 to 60% saponins.  If a tribulus supplement contains more amount of saponins than you have to take lower dose of tribulus.

For example: Zenith Nutrition Tribulus supplement contain 40% saponins and its 1 vegetarian capsule is of 800 mg and you can take its 2 capsules a day with water and after meal. This is the safer dose of tribulus terristris.
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