Lose Belly fat within 72 hours

Belly fat is one of the most difficult thing to get rid of and there is a natural remedy that helps you to get rid of stubborn bell fat and results will be shown within 72 hours. In this article I will show you a homemade powder recipe that helps you to lose fat. The ingredients to make this powder are easily available in the market.

Ingredient No. 1: Cumin or Jeera. Cumin is rich in phytosterols which is a plant chemical that reduces cholestrol absorbtion in the body  and cumin increases metabolic rate of the body. You can make your own cumin powder by grinding it in the grinder.

Ingredient No. 2: Flax Seeds. Flax Seeds help in weight loss. These provides fibre with which you get feeling of fullness. Flex seeds are top sources of omega 3 fatty acids and lignan that helps to reduce excess weight. You have to use flex seeds in powder form. You can also grind them in the grinder.

Ingredient No. 3: Ajwain, ajowan, or Trachyspermum ammi. Ajwain has laxative and anti oxidant properties that helps in weight loss. You have to use ajwain in powder form.

How to make this fat loss powder:

Take 3 table spoon flex seeds powder, 2 table spoon cumin powder and 2 table spoon ajwain. Mix all these ingredients and again grind them and make a powder. And use it for minimum 1 week . This powder burns belly fat at a very faster speed. You can use it in the morning before breakfast. You can take its 1 spoon with luke warm water. And along with its use drink at lot of water throughout the whole day to get fast results and don't consume fatty things. You can also use 1 LIV 52 tablet after breakfast.

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