Homemade Protein Shakes with recipes for Muscle Building

Under weight and lean body is the problem of a large population. Many people keep their diet very good, but their problems do not end, so experts give the idea of ​​taking a protein shake. In protein shake, they are all necessary nutrients which are essential for weight gain.

Although there are many protein shakes present in the market nowadays, there are also side effects of artificial protein shake powder, so making protein shake at home is the safest one. Let's learn about some of the Protein Shakes for Weight Gain which can increase your weight faster.

Banana shake:

Banana is a collection of calories. It is used extensively to gain weight and provides instant energy. Mixing it in milk helps in adding weight to drink in the morning. Banana shake can be made more healthy by adding full cream milk, strawberry, dry fruits etc.

Orange Cream Weight Gain Shake:

Mixing orange juice and cream with full cream milk produces a heavy calorie protein shake. To make this orange shake you will need full cream milk, orange juice, orange cream protein powder.

Avocado Shake:

Nowadays, avacados also started in India. These fruits are very tasty and they are also healthy. Prepare a nourishing shake by adding coconut milk or full cream milk, cooked banana, sweet potato etc. with an avacado, it will help in increasing the weight.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake:

Protein powder, peanut butter, almonds, milk, banana and honey can be made into a magnificent shake, which increases the weight. This shake also has protein with calories.

Mango Lassi Shake:

In the summer, this shake will not only cool you down but also help you gain weight. Use curd, almonds, honey etc. also made with full cream milk. You can also add cardamom powder. By adding cardamom powder its fragrance will increase.

Take special care of the following while using the above protein shake:
  • Before using protein powder in any shake, consult a doctor. Many people do not digest high protein diets, this has an effect on the kidneys.
  • Take these shakes with food to gain weight.
  • Do not take protein shake instead of your food, but use it as a compliment with food.
  • While using shake to increase the weight, it is best to use only the full cream milk, soy milk or other fat base.
  • Using honey instead of sugar to increase taste.

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