Men's Skincare routine to get clear and spotless skin as per skin type

Along with body fitness maintenance, skin maintenance is also important because your skin has more impact on your overall personality. Maximum men and boys maintain skin only if they got acne or pimples or some other skin problems. But you have to care your skin regularly and if you don't care your skin regularly you will get some skin problems so it is necessary to care skin regularly.

Men's Skincare routine to get clear and spotless skin as per skin type
Men's Skincare routine to get clear and spotless skin as per skin type

If you follow daily skincare routine than you will get clear, spotless, glowing and healthy skin. You can implement a skincare routine in a very easy way. Let's know about different skin type.

1. Normal skin type: in which skin is not so oily and no so dry. This skin type is relatively clear and pimples are very rare.

2. Combination skin type: which has oily T zone means forehead and nose area remains oily and cheek area remains dry and specific area has acne.

3. Dry skin type: in which skin looks dry and rough. skin is sensitive and gets easily irritate.

4. Oily skin type: in which face looks oily and greesy and has large pores and acne on face.

This Skincare routine is divided into two steps:

Step No. 1: Cleansing

Wash your face with warm water before cleansing so that your face pores gets opened and impurities gets cleared. For cleansing you can use garnier men Intense Oil clear or Patanjali Herba face wash. Use them in circular motion on your face and than wash your face with cold water. By washing your face with cold water your pores get closed. And after that tap dry your face with towel but don't rub towel, rubbing creates wrinkles on face.

Step No. 2: Exfoliation

In exfoliation you have to use scrub on your face. you can use himalaya walnut scrub or clean and clear scrub. Scrubbing for 2-3 minutes with little bit water than wash the face with cold water. It removes sun tan and dead skin . You can do scrubbing only 1-3 times a week because too much of scrubbing can cause dry skin and irritation like problems.

Step No. 3: Moisturization

After scrubbing pat dry your face with towel and than use moisturizer. Moisturizer makes your face hydrated and prevents ageing. You can use Ponds Oil control moisturizer. You can use moisturizer two times a day.

Always use sunscreen if you want to go outside in the sun exposure. It protects you UV rays of sun and prevents your face complexion from becoming darker.

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