2 Effective Foods to increase Natural Testosterone Production

It is easy to raise the rate of natural testosterone production if you know what you're doing and how your body produces this beneficial hormone. Our Endocrine glands and enzymatic reactions turn some basic nutrients into steroid hormone that we get through food. 

For Testosterone all this starts from brain that sends message to testicles to convert cholestrol into free testosterone. And in this signal Vitamin A, B- Complex, vitamin K2, vitamin D, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and carbohydrates has more impact. Some foods are better for hormonal health. Let's know about 2 effective foods that boost testosterone production.

1. Pomegranate

Pomegranate increases testosterone because it has high fructose content and some other compounds. It has ellagitanin derived compounds that reduces estrogen levels and prevents testosterone from converting into estrogen and block aromataze enzyme.

Consuming Pomegranate increases testosterone levels up to 24%. So if you want to eat fruit than use fructose rich fruit which has anti-estrogen properties and it raises testosterone levels.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding Apple Cider Vinegar or some other Vinegar helps to increase testosterone levels because vinegar contains acetic acid that improves insulin sensitivity very strongly after a meal. 

Higher insulin sensitivity increases testosterone levels but in diabetes these levels are low. So simply consuming vinegar after meal improves insulin sensitivity which increases testosterone production and androgen utilization in the body.

So these are the two essential foods that helps to increase Testosterone levels Naturally without using any supplements.

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