Why you don't need to wear a Langot or Jockstrap(Supporter) while weight training?

Is it necessary to use a Jockstrap or supporter or langot while doing weight training? This article will provide you information about jockstrap and will provide you the answer that there is need of it while doing weight training or not.

A jockstrap is important as it protects your genitalia,  which is true to some extent. However, it is applicable only in a few sports where you also require a cup to be worn with your jockstrap; in order to protect your genitals from being smashed. For example- sports like cricket, rugby, baseball etc. The chances of groin injury are quite high and therefore, the jockstrap becomes an essential gear in such sports.

Now, the question is, do we really need it for our regular gym workouts? The answer is a simple no! As a matter of fact, wearing a tight jockstrap can actually harm your testicles. Some people wear it to prevent hernias, but the irony is, wearing a tight jockstrap can lead to hernia. The excessive compression on the genital nerves further puts pressure on the abdomen area that might lead to the herniated testicles.

However, the human body is smart enough to automatically put itself in survival mode, on the basis of the situation. For instance, during the winters, your scrotum (pouch that carry testicles) tighten up and gets close to the body, whereas during summers, it is loose and hangs. This mechanism of the body takes place in order to maintain the required temperature for the testicles in the scrotum.

So the bottom line is, unless you are in a specific sport, where your prone to the groin injuries, you do not require a jock strap. In fact, a normal pair of briefs will optimally fulfill the requirement, that is, prevention of the excess of motion down there.

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