Best and Fastest Ways to Increase Weight With Guaranteed Results

The biggest problem with those who do not gain weight is that they do not know what they have to eat and how much they have to eat. In this article, we will show you homemade ways of gaining weight which are very easy and science-based. We are often seeing that people are buying a small box sold in the name of weight gain and then ask us how much weight will increase in this. We have told you many times that weight gain is a process. You have to take more calories than you need for a long time, then the weight increases. These weight gain boxes are of no use.

How to gain weight

Your weight increases only when you take about 500 calories more daily from your calorie intake. Multiply your weight by 40 and your calorie needs will come out. Add 500 more calories to increase weight. Just like your weight is 50 kg then your calorie needs 2000. If you add 500 more, you need around 2500 calories every day to increase the weight.

Diet for weight gain

Those who want to gain weight should have 20% protein, 20% fat and 60% carbohydrate in their total diet. Now you can understand this also that your total calorie needs should come from 20 percent protein, 20 percent fat and 60 percent of carbohydrate.
One gram protein and 1 gram of corbohydrate contain 4-4 calories and one gram fat contains 9 grams of calories. You have to divide your own diets in a similar manner.

Homemade Weight Gain Tips

First of all, you have to create a list of things that will help you increase your chances like Milk, eggs, meat, soybean, tofu, cheese, ghee-olive oil, white gram, black gram, moong dal, urad dal, rajma, honey, banana, potato, sweet potato, peanuts. There may be something missing. 

Include as many of these things as possible in your diet. Always have half a cup of juice with food. This helps in increasing weight.Try to eat six times a day and if possible, use any Ayurvedic medicines to keep yourself healthy.

Weight Gaining Shake

If you digest this shake, then understand that the big weapon to build the body is in your hands. Getting protein for vegetarians is not so easy. We have a combo pack of all the essentials nutrients that make this shake. It is enriched with proteins, vitamins, carbohydrate, fat, omega three fatty acids and all the healthy things.

This shake contains 400 grams of milk, two bananas, two tablespoons oats, two tablespoons honey, 200 grams of ice cream (with no ice-cup or brick), a spoonful of coffee, a spoonful flax seed aka linseed, ten cashews, three walnuts Powder, one spoon peanut butter or plain butter, half an apple, four strawberries, two grains cardamom and a spoonful of protein. Protein scoop is not so necessary. Drink it at least twice a day. For gaining it is a very good shake, but it is not of those people who have trouble with sugar. It is also heavy on the stomach. But there is a lot of work to do without supplementing gaining. Every ingredient has its own role in it. 

Use of Ashwagandha and Shatavari in Gaining

People also use Ashwagandha and Shatavari for weight gain, this is quite popular among those who are doing the gym. Well those who are not gaining are also using them because they have the power to increase power and keep the immune system in good condition. Both of these drugs are considered very good. Ashwagandha and Shatavari are also taken together and separately. It does not matter. Ashwagandha and asparagus powder one-one tablespoon with Mild hot milk can be taken regularly.

They are taken empty stomach in the morning and at night. However, it is not necessary that it should be taken empty stomach, but at that time these medicines work better. It should be used in low dose in summer. Therefore, people take half-a-half spoon dosage and then gradually increase the dose. Do not expect this to happen that you will start changing after taking them. It will take time to appear in the result and yes, it will only happen when your diet is good. These medicines are powerful, so if you are taking them, then do exercise regularly.


In homemade ways of increasing weight, we have tried to give you every information related to weight gain. Overall, we would say that you should always take science along with you to gain weight. Trust the best diet instead of supplements and medicines. The weight that you increase due to diet and exercise will be substantially permanent, that is, when you stop taking such a heavy diet, your weight will remain intact.

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