Bulk Up Meal Replacement Shake - 59 gram Protein & 1100+ Calories

This bulk up homemade meal replacement shake is one of the best shake that can be used at the time of bulking and can get 59 gram of protein and 1100 + calories from it. In bulking sometime it becomes very difficult to take enough amount of food to be in calorie surplus that is important for muscle growth.

It becomes very difficult to be in calorie surplus for those who do active jobs because they don't have time to take food as per the schedule. Bulk up shake is a great way to take those calories. You have to just blend the ingredients in the blender and your shake is ready. Let's find how to make this 1100 calorie bulk up meal replacement shake.

Ingredients & Composition

1. Banana: You need 1 large size banana. One large size banana has 109 calories, 1g Protein, 40g Carbs and 0g Fat.

2. 50g Oats: 50g Oats has 188 calories, 6g Protein, 34g Carbs and 4g Fat.

3. 40g Peanut Butter: 40g Peanut Butter has 271 calories, 16g Protein, 2g carbs and 24g fat.

4. 500ml full fat milk: 500ml full fat milk has 320 calories, 17g protein, 24g carbs and 17.5g fat.

5. 1 scoop whey protein: 1 scoop whey protein has 113 calories, 24g protein, 2g carbs and 1g fat.

6. 30g honey: 30g honey has 99 calories, 0g protein, 24g carbs and 0g fat.

To make bulk up shake blend all these ingredients in the blender along with some ice cubes. From this meal replacement shake you will get 1100 calories, 59g protein, 116 carbs and 46g fat and this one of the best bulking shake to gain weight as early as possible.

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