Top 10 Cheapest Protein Foods with Price and Protein Content

10 cheapest protein sources which are also very easily available in the Indian market. The list includes three non vegetarian and 7 vegetarian sources.

Protein is an essential part of our life. It is very important for the daily repair of the body, skin health and hair health. An average person who has a simple lifestyle ever his/her body require 1gm/kg protein daily. For example If your weight is 60kg and you do not workout even then your body requires 60 grams of protein daily. So lets know about the top 10 cheapest protein sources in india that are ranked on their basis of cost effectiveness.

10. Tofu

Tofu also known as soy paneer is made from soy beans milk. It is a vegan source of protein so it is not made from any kind of animal product.

200g Tofu = Rs. 70

1 serving = 100g

100g tofu = Rs. 35

Per 100g of Tofu you are getting:

Protein = 15g

Carbs = 15g

Fats = 8g

It has carbohydrates and fats so it is not  lean source of protein and from tofu you are getting:

15g of protein = Rs. 35

1g of protein = Rs. 35/15

1g of Protein = Rs. 2.33

9. Fish

There are many kinds of fish available in the market. Now when it comes o protein content whiter fish has more protein content because white fish is a lean source of protein. It does not have more carbohydrates and fats.

1kg of fish = Rs. 500

1 serving of fish = 100g

100g of fish = Rs. 50

100g of fish = 25g of protein

25g of protein = Rs. 50

1g of protein = Rs. 2

Fish is a great source of protein and should be included in your diet at least once a week.

8. Paneer

It is also a great source of protein.

200g of protein = Rs. 70

1 serving = 100g

1 serving of paneer = Rs. 35

Per 100g of Protein:

Protein = 18g

Carbs = 1g

Fats = 20g

18g of Protein = Rs. 35

1g of Protein = Rs. 2

Because it has lot of fats so you have to keep its intake in moderation and this problem gets solved if you made paneer at home by using low fat milk.

1.5% Milk Packet = Rs. 18 = 100g of protein

Means you are getting:

18g of protein = Rs. 18

1g of protein = Rs. 1

Making of a paneer is a very simple process. Boil the milk and when it gets boiled sprinkle lemon juice or vinegar and stir it for some minutes. Paneer will automatically gets separated. But you can also purchase it from market.

7. Chicken Breast

It is a lean source of protein. It does not have more carbohydrates and fats. So non vegetarians can add it in their diet.

1kg of chicken = Rs. 230 near about

100g of chicken breast = Rs. 35

100g of chicken breast = 25g protein

1g of protein = Rs. 1.45

6. Legumes

Black chick peas, kidney beans and chick peas are a great source of protein. On an average:

1kg of legumes = Rs. 150

1 serving = 100g

100g of legumes = Rs. 15

15g of protein = Rs. 15

1g of protein = Rs. 1

From 100g of Legumes

Protein = 15g

Carbs = 40g

Fats = 1g

Fiber = 11g

So these have lot of carbs and if you are eating three rottis with this than you are eating a lot of carbohydrates in one meal. So it should already take into concentration that legumes are high in carbs.

5. Milk

When I say milk than it means low fat milk because full cream milk is loaded with lot of fats which shoul be avoided.

1.5% Milk Packet = Rs. 18

Per 500ml of Milk

Protein = 18g

Carbs = 24g

Fats = 7.5g

18g Protein =Rs. 18

1g of Protein = Rs. 1

So whether you are doing muscle building or fat loss 500ml milk is a best choice.

4. Egg Whites

Egg whites are lean source of Protein and they get very easily digested in the body. So can easily use 5-6 egg whites in 1 serving.

30 eggs = Rs. 105

1 egg = Rs. 3.5

1 egg white = 4g Protein

1g of Protein = Rs. 1

3. Peanuts

Peanuts is a great source of protein. You can also use roasted peanuts but without salt.

1kg of Peanuts = Rs. 120

1 serving Peanuts = 30g = Rs. 3.5

30g of Peanuts = Rs. 7.5g Protein

7g of Protein = Rs. 3.5

1g of protein = Rs. 0.5

Per 30g of Peanuts

Protein = 7g

Carbs = 4.6g

Fats = 14g

You can take 2 servings of peanuts on a daily basis. You can also use homemade peanut butter.

2.  Lentils

Lentils are very important part of Indian diet. Lentils have different rates. Lets us take an average:

1kg lentils = Rs. 80

1 serving = 100g

100g of lentils = Rs. 8

Per 100g of Lentils

Protein = 18g

Carbs = 40g

Fats = 0.8g

Fiber = 16g

18g of Protein = Rs. 8

1g of Protein = Rs. 0.44

Lentils are not a complete source of protein because they do not have 9 essential amino acids. However mixing different lentils make it a complete source of protein.

1. Soy Chunks

200g of soy chunks = Rs. 40

1 serving of Soy chunk = 50g = Rs. 10

10 Rs. = 25g Protein

1g of Protein = Rs. 0.40

Per 50g of Soy Chunk

Protein = 25g

Carbs = 17g

Fiber = 6.5g

Fats = 0.2g

The only thing you have to take into consideration while taking soy chunks is moderation.

50g of soy chunks = 25g protein is sufficient to take.

I hope you find this article helpful.

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