Weight Gain Medicine Ciplactin Dose & Side Effects

Weight gain capsules and weight gain medicines in bodybuilding are still dominated. One of these is Ciplactin. The use of this drug is very old and very high. In most fake food supplements, Ciplactin and Decadan are used only. A few months ago, the fake Food Supplement Company was caught in Bhiwani, besides the dough and so many hundred leaves of these two medicines were found. Apart from adulteration, ciplactin is a wrong way to increase the weight. Its work is different but its side effects include increased appetite, so people use it.

Side effects of weight gain medicines

According to the Clear Sky Pharmacy and Ciplamed, there are dozen of side effects of ciplactin.

On the central nervous system:

Feeling like dizziness, brain and body coordination, confusion, restlessness, feeling too excited, nervousness, jerking, irritability, sleep deprivation and unconsciousness.

On cardiovascular systems: hypertension, panic, shock etc.

On the digestive tract: Hepatitis, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, constipation, burns, drying of the mouth, gizzing and liver failure.

On the respiratory system: dryness of the throat and nose, dryness and wheezing in chest, feeling full of nose.

Apart from these, headache, fatigue, increased appetite, excessive sweating, dizziness, feeling like shock, nervousness, bleeding disorders, frequent urination, difficulty in urination, urination And there are more side effects. Some are such side effects, which are also difficult to explain in a common language. That's why we have not included them. Now you have to think yourself how many disadvantages of this weight gain medicine. The people who have given fake supplements to someone, it is possible to have a very good quantity of ciplactin in their body.

Dosage of Medicine

Generally a young man whose age is above 18 takes 4 MG twice a day. This medicine is used to cure allergy related problems, but in the urge to gain weight, people eat it without consulting the doctor. Due to the increase of appetite people eat more and this leads to weight gain. Now in this case, those who exercise and have proteins in their diet are good and their muscles start gaining.

However, in addition to these weight gain capsules we have many ways to increase the weight, without any side effect. It is not made for the purpose of increasing the weight, so it is unrealistic to use it to increase appetite. If you are thinking of using this medicine in any way, then talk to the doctor. Doctors also allow it to be used for a short time. They can also tell you many ways to avoid side effects of these medicines.

Get your liver profile test before using any weight gain capsules whenever you want weight gain. If the liver is not well then do not use them. Once you have used them, then after that, check your liver profile again so that it can be seen that there is no bad effect on the liver. Such Medicines should not be used for long-term.

Its side effects are very dangerous. To increase weight, weight gain medicines should be used only when other measures are performed and they should not be used for long periods of time.

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