Body weight exercises vs. Free weight exercises | Which is better ?

Many people think their exercise method is best option whether it is body weight or free weight exercises. There are many examples related to both of these exercise techniques that shows that these exercises helps in increasing strength and muscle growth. Body weight exercises or Calisthenics are better for functional movements that you perform in your day to day life. In Calisthenics you move your body without the use of any kind of free weights.

You perform Free weight exercises at one place from one point to other. So if you are a running athlete that running on stairs or jump training is better for you than improving your squat workout form. But weight are important when you want to increase strength because to increase your strength you have to lift heavy and for muscle building you have to do free weights training not body weight exercises.

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Body weight  exercises are not so easy to increase strength and muscle growth and calisthenics concept is more complex than weight training. For example: dips, single arm push ups are common calisthenics progression exercises but in free weights you can make progress by simply increase your weights while doing dumbell presses.

If you want to build strong chest than you have to put effort while using free weights but on the other hand body weights exercises are completely free (cost nothing). For free weight exercises you have to pay gym fees or you have to purchase dumbells and weights but calisthenics exercises need no fees.
Free weights have one advantage that you can target specific muscle group because body weight movements work on multiple muscle groups and to target specific muscle group use of free weight exercises is a great way. If you want to build particular muscle stronger and larger and want to protect it from injury than doing movement with weights is best.

In body weight exercises there are more chances of muscle injuries than free weight exercises. If you do proper training with free weights than free weight training is best.

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But to say that which is better between free weights and body weights depends on your goal. If your goal is to build muscles than free weights are better for you and if you want to increase your body's moving capabilities than body weight exercises are better. It depends on you that which type of exercises you enjoy most.

Some people like heavy weight lifting and some people like calisthenics. Both of these have advantages. If free weights increases strength and muscle faster than body weights can also do that if you work on exercise form with dedication and you cal also increase your flexibility with body weight exercises.

So as per us free weight and body weight exercises both are best at their own place and both of these exercise techniques are best. You can get great benefits by performing them and can do any of the technique as per your choice and goals.

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