Cheapest homemade during workout drink

Natural intra-workout drink has their own health benefits. You can make your own fresh, natural and nourishing high octane sports drink which is free from colors and other chemicals. This sports intra workout drink can be made very easily and it is loaded with nutrition that prevents you from getting tired during a long workout session. Let's find how to make this intra workout drink.

Ingredient No. 1: Ginger 

Ginger is best to reduce muscle soreness that occurs during and after exercise. It helps in recovering muscles faster. It manages your glucose levels properly and helps your body to absorb nutrients properly with which you get better and faster results.

Ingredient No. 2: Lemon Water

Squeezed lemon water is well tested energy booster. It produces clean energy by hydrating body. It stimulates the natural enzymes of liver and flush toxins out from the body. It provides hydration, anti oxidants and electrolytes to the body. It is rich source of vitamin c and has good quantity of electrolytes like potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Ingredient No. 3: Dabur Glucose D white

Glucose D replenish the body with vitamins, minerals and body salts and it is ready source to fight with the tiredness. It refreshes you instantly and gives quicker recovery.

How to make this drink:

Take half cut small piece of ginger and squeeze its juice in a glass, add half squeezed lemon juice to the glass. Mix both of these in cold water an d than add 1 table spoon glucose d in it and mix it. Now your drink is ready. In this way you can make a cheapest and best during workout drink or energy drink.

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