How to remove Blackheads from face - Men & Women

Black heads are caused by the formation of dirt in the skin or by the formation of oils in the skin. There are several ways to avoid this. If you have to take care of facial skin then do facial. Facial your skin is not only necessary for women but also for men. Because of the problem of blackheads men are also upset.Facials cleans the skin pores deeper and helps in the removal of black heads. Although the women's skin is a little soft,so the blackheads get out easily. But men's skin is slightly harder so the problem of blackheads is high in case of men.

To protect the skin from black heads, keep the skin away from sun's  direct light and avoid excess use of chemical products. Besides, excessive sweating also causes black heads. With some home remedies, black heads can be removed immediately.

Egg Whites mask:

Use egg white liquid on your face. It helps to get rid of black heads from the root.

Milk and Honey:

Apply honey and milk on the face with cotton and wash it after 10 minutes. It softens the skin and removes the black heads.

Baking Soda:

Mix backing soda in water and put on black heads. This clears the face pores. After cleansing it, apply the moisturizer. By using it you can easily get rid of Black Heads. For this, mix it with water as per your requirement. After this, put it on black heads and wash with clean water after drying.

Potatoes Paste:

Peel three or four raw potatoes and grind them well. Apply the potato paste on the affected area of face and after 20 minutes, wash the face with lukewarm water. This will remove the blackheads of your face.

Curd and oatmeal:

Curd and oatmeal can be easily used to get rid of black heads. For this, mix these two well together. After this, apply it on the affected area well. Then Wash it with clean water when dry.

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