Easy ways to Increase your Beard Growth Faster

Today Men like to shave themselves in different styles and they also care for their beard. All men do not know the easy way to increase the beard. However, there are some ways by which you can increase your shave faster. Do you know that the increase in the beard and its thickness depends on your age and genetics.

But I will also warn you that the effects are NOT instant, and will often take 6-12 months to really show significant difference. Fact is that you can’t completely overcome your genetics, but in 95% of non-bearded men, there is gigantic room for improvement in their natural facial hair growth ability.

Let's know some natural ways with which you can make your beard thicker. 

Increase your Protein Intake:

Your hair is made from protein and that's why protein provides body with essential nutrients that helps in increasing beard growth.

Scrub the face:

Scrub your face two to three times a week.Scrubbing removes dead skin from your face that helps the new hairs to come out with comfort. If you want to scrub the face, you can also try the exfoliate masks available in the market.

Apply Oil in the beard:

It is necessary to condition the hair even if its beard's hair. Oil will push your beard forward in the right direction while enhancing hair. Regularly use olive oil or coconut oil on the beard to increase its growth.

Keep trimming:

Just like the top of your head, a beard trim is vital for beard health.Your beard will grow just as fast if you trim it along the way. So trim your beard from time to time to increase its growth.

Optimize your Lifestyle:

And when it comes to any bodily process, one should start from optimizing certain lifestyle factors. You know, the daily habits of yours.

Consider sleeping more:

Many of us neglect this nightly “task”, but studies have shown that men who sleep for 8 hours, have nearly two times the testosterone of the guys who sleep for only 4 hours per night.

Do everything in your power to lower stress: 

The stress hormone; cortisol directly lowers testosterone and DHT levels and causes weakened hair growth all around the body, including the facial hair area.

Do not abuse alcohol: 

Although few drinks here and there won’t do no significant harm, binge drinking does. Studies have shown that exceeding 4 drinks is a sure way to bring down T and DHT, which obviously slows down your beard growth.

Lift heavy weights: 

Exercising is great way to improve circulation and help those crucial beard growth nutrients and hormones get into the follicles, but resistance training in particular also skyrockets testosterone, which is awesome for beard.

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