7 Night Time habits that make you Fatty

You perform a lot of activities in your day to day life but there are some of your activities that are not good for you and that make you fatty and gives you bulky type look so this article will show you some of your bad habits that you are doing at night time and how they are making you fatty.

7 Night Time habits that make you Fatty

Those persons who follow a strict diet plan know exactly how to lose unwanted fat and pounds. Then you must know some of your night time habits that prevent you from losing fat and make you gain some weight or fat.

7. You go to bed right after Dinner

Going to bed right after the dinner is wrong due to which your body start accumulating fat cells and this causes some digestive problems. So always take your last meal 1 to 30 minutes before going to bed. Also relax yourself before sleeping by doing some breathing exercises or by doing meditation.

6. Consuming Fried food at night

Fried foods has lot of calories and takes lot of time to get burned and with this you can gain more fat cells and can't get sleep easily. You can use grilled, baked or boiled recipes in place of fried foods at the time of dinner. You can use green vegetables, nuts, healthy fats like avocados, chicken or fish at dinner.

5. Eating spicy food at night

If you prefer spicy food at night than you must be aware of its consequencies. Spicy food makes your digestion poor and you con't get sleep easily. With this you can also get heartburn like problems at night. Yes, spicy foods helps to boost metabolism and if you like spicy food than try to consume it in day time and not at night time.

4. Eating Dessert at night

White sugar and flour transform into fat cells and you can't burn those calories in night so try using some fruit in place of desert at night. Another way of getting rid of eating sugar at night is to bursh your teeth that decreases your sugar cravings to some extent.

3. You tend to skip Dinner

If you skip dinner than it makes your metabolism slow and by skipping meals you may also get anxiety like problems. With this your muscle tissues will start losing so if you have no time for lunch and dinner try to use some fruit in place of this.

2. Consuming Alcohol or Caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine affects your sleep because they have a lot of calories. Consume very limited alcohol because it increases your side fat. You can use warm milk in place of it.

1. Using Mobile or Computer at night

Mobile and computers emit blue light that affects health and sleep. These radio frequency waves hinders sleep. So off these devices 1 hour before sleep and try reading book or listening relax music before sleep.

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